About Us.

This ain’t your typical Pizzeria/Burger Joint! Each day our butcher carefully selects prime dry aged cuts of beef that he minces fresh on site. Every morning we prepare our dough using the finest and freshest Italian and Irish ingredients that will be proved and ready for the next days service. Our focus on quality doesn’t end with our burgs and perfected pizza dough. Unlike your regular fast food place, we offer restaurant quality produce with ALL of our preparation done on site. We make our own sauces for both pizzas and burgers. Rubs for meats and all condiments are also made in house.

Filthy Buns.

At Grizzly x Napkin we have committed to using the highest quality 100% Irish meat for our burgers, toppings and sides. Our butchers source meat of the utmost quality, from grass fed, native Irish breeds. Cuts that are hung and dry aged for 45 days to tenderise and enhance taste. That is what makes our burgers taste so BEEFY! We use a secret blend of cuts that are different from your typical burger. Designed to be juicy, so tender and packed full of flavour. Our chicken is sourced from Irish farms only.

Dirty Pies.

Our commitment to fresh fast food continues with our pizzas. Making our dough daily using Caputo “00” flour from Naples and proving for at least 24hrs before cooking for 2-3 minutes at 400°c which gives our dough those signature Grizzly crusts. We make our sauce using San Marzano tomatoes for a balanced and fresh tomato flavour. Sourcing only the best Italian and Irish toppings to bring you a truly authentic Grizzly pizza.